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Remember the time you thought you have got a killer idea for the Halloween costume and you were pretty confident of stealing the show that night in the Halloween party. But then came that big night and your best friend stormed the party in the Big Daddy costume; needless to say he was the show’s hero.

The Big Daddy is the name of a very popular fictional character in the BioShock series of video games. Designed by 2K Boston/2K Australia, they were seen for the first time in BioShock. A 6-inch Big Daddy action figure came included with the limited edition version of the title.

Thank you for stopping by BigDaddyCostume.Com, where we know that pimping just isn’t that simple and sometimes the would-be Big Daddy players of the world just need a little help!

Big Daddy wasn’t just a top ranked movie starring the adorable Adam Sandler, it is also a way of life.  A “Big Daddy” is something of a pimp or a player…think Little Jon or Snoop Dog, and he is Supa Fly and Supa Fresh, you can call him the MAC Daddy!  At BigDaddyCostume.Com, we know that putting together your big daddy persona for a party or event, or even for clubbing or the night out, is “supa” important to you, which is why we bring you the best options from across the web when it comes to big daddy costumes.

You’ll love it when she calls you Big Daddy in the best Big Daddy costume on the web.  Start your costume off with the basic must haves, including:

  • A super fly suit for your Big Daddy costume.  Your pimping big daddy costume needs a suit as a good foundation, and the gaudier and louder, the better.  Go for a wild, bright color, like pink, purple, yellow, or orange, that has been blinged to the “shizzle” with lots of brilliant “bo-hizzle”!  You might choose a big daddy costume that has been trimmed in animal print (think zebra, cheetah, or leopard).
  • Big Daddy Costume hats.  Your suit and hat should definitely match, and the more outrageous the hat, the better.  If your suit is embellished with beads and pearls, your hat should be too.  A few feathers or other outrageous “pimpster” materials can also be added.
  • Big Daddy Costume shoes.  The shoes make the man, so if you’ll be wearing your Big Daddy costume a lot, invest in a hip and pimping pair of crocodile wing tips or some other type of pimp-a-licious shoes.
  • Big Daddy accessories.  Big Daddy costume accents can include a walking cane, fake “bling” around his neck, and even a fake “grill” – which is fake gold teeth that he wears in his mouth.

Have fun channeling your Big Daddy persona with the help of BigDaddyCostume.Com

Big Daddies are those heavily spliced human beings, who are genetically altered and mutated. They have their organs and skin directly grafted into an antique heavy armoured atmospheric diving suit. They can be seen armed with one of the following: a heavy drill, rivet gun, Ion Lasers, or rockets.

This costume is not easy to wear, and certainly not easy to put together. However, the costume has been gaining a lot of popularity recently and you can see some awesome Bioshock Big Daddy costume rocking around the Internet. Once you get them, they are sure to prompt whooping admiration whenever and wherever they are spotted. There is no doubt of you becoming the centre of attraction, if you enter a party dressed as a Big Daddy.  Some people try to make this costume on their own, but let me tell you it is hard work. It is not as easy to make a Bioshock Big Daddy Costume as other Halloween costumes. You would be better off if you buy one for yourself. Costume can be as tall as 7 foot – depending on your size of course and usually comes with a LED Lighting and drill arm.

Accessorizing Your Costume

Give your Big Daddy Costume the accessories to make a big impression where ever you go. Big Daddy boasts of being flamboyant and full of brags. Deck out this look with lots of gold jewelry. Necklaces are popular with this look and a large golden chain with an oversized dollar sign would be spectacular. Add other thick gold chains for an ideal look of wealth. A large watch such as a faux Rolex is another great accessory for your Big Daddy. In the breast pocket, you could fold several large hundred dollar bills of play money and place them so they stick out just enough to show off what your Big Daddy is worth.

Measuring for Your Costume

Comfort and style are equally important when choosing a Big Daddy costume. This makes it doubly smart to take your measurements carefully before you choose your costume. Measure your waist at the natural waistline. Measure your chest and hips at their widest point. Be sure to also note your inseam. To measure your inseam if you do not already know it, measure your most comfortable pants from the crotch down the inner thigh to the seam that runs along the hem. Compare your measurements to those that are listed for the costume that you want to buy, or that are listed in the size chart for the costume.

Why not shake up a party a bit and become the Big Daddy. This costume is loud and bound to get you noticed at any party that you walk into. You can bring this character to life easily with costume choices in red and blue velvet, crushed or regular; add on a Stetson, some bling and you would only be missing Big Mama. You also need to know how to carry yourself with a swagger. Add on as many embellishments as you can with beads and feathers and artificial stones. Your shoes too need to be heeled so that you can stomp your way about.

The Big Daddy Costume

Want to do something unique this Halloween? Want to look out from the crowd and want to be the Hero of the show? But you are not sure which dress can make you steal the show at Halloween party this season? Well, we can help you with that. A dress that compliments the creepy nature of Halloween is nothing but BioShock’s Big Daddy costume. It is a character right out of video game that gamers fear and love. No one can deny that this can be one of the best choices, when it comes to eerie looking Halloween costumes. You can’t deny that this is a cool costume to wear on Halloween.

BioShock is one of those very few games that gamers can never erase out of their memory not because it was such a popular and memorable game, but also because its characters, the Big Daddy stole the hearts and became so very popular in the cosplay scene. The character is introduced to the players through a cut-scene early on in the game. The Big Daddy is a mentally conditioned armed escort to the Little Sisters the little girls who gather ADAM from corpses. They mourn if a Big Daddy dies.

Some people consider assembling this costume at home as easy as any other Halloween costume. However it is not so; the costume is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to put together yourself. Instead you can buy one online and save yourself so much time and stress. Big Daddy costume is available in different sizes and usually comes with LED lights and a drill arm.

Most of the costumes can be handily broken down into 3 different sections – head/main body, drill arm and backpack. You can wear the 3 pieces and become a complete Big Daddy, ready to rock the show.

Big Daddies are enhanced human beings that underwent genetic manipulation and grow into big robotic like diving suits.  They were made to protect a “Little Sister”.  Big Daddies are selected and not just anybody can take the change as well as the other.  The Big Daddies were designed as diving suits so they could explore Rapture.  Rapture is an underwater city that was formed to escape the world of society and political stresses around the period of World War II.

A Big Daddy costume will literally make a BIG impact in any party.  Every gamer who has plaid the game Bioshock will be jealous of your Big Daddy costume, especially when made appropriately.  These huge costumes are not easy to make.  They take up a lot of time planning and a lot of time making.  Expenses on the materials alone may get you down but you do not have to make it from scratch anymore.  Costume makers know the struggle of making a costume with so much detail in it and they have provided the opportunity for you to purchase one instead of buying one. Just think of all the money and time you could save by purchasing a Big Daddy costume instead of making one.

Science fiction is a great idea to look into when it comes to Halloween costumes, because there are so many ideas already out there. Feel what it is like to be one of this Huge and technological advanced beings by buying a costume for you.  Get your little sister to ply the “Little Sister” part and you will see that your costumes will be the best there is out there.  You will attract a lot of attention to yourself and with a well-made costume, you are sure to gain some popularity from both the men and the women of the party.


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